WLADOIL Racing K 2T Synthetic Lubricant

WLADOIL - 50 years of constant development in research, quality and service.

WLADOIL is highly recommended by IAME for use in all their kart engines. It is a ‘Synthetic-Caster oil’, engineered to work at the high revs. It features exceptional resistance to seizure and contains anti-smoke additives. It has also been tested, and proved to work well, with low ratio fuel/oil mixes.

IAME have exclusive distributorship of this oil internationally for karting, and Remo Racing is the exclusive Australian distributor.

WLADOIL K 2T Synthetic-Caster Oil is CIK/FIA approved, and is available from all reputable kart shops in Australia.
$35.00 RRP.


Soldà V. SpA was born as an individual company in 1948 by the founder Vladimiro Soldà and over the years it has grown to become the current Company for Shares. It is immediately distinguished by its flexibility and its speed of response to the needs of an economy that is starting to become frenzied.

Developed in the area of ​​Northeast Italy more precisely in the province of Vicenza, Soldà V. SpA has been, and is, a reference point for the important production compartments that have long been established. From the tanning industry to the textile and the mechanic, without forgetting the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector Soldà V. SpA provides quick and safe responses to any market demand.

Since 1991, in the new headquarters of Creazzo (VI), with the technical support of a state-of-the-art laboratory and with the experience of active employees, Soldà V. SpA has expanded its range of activities in both territorial and quality terms supply. In this regard, Soldà V. SpA has been ISO 9001 certified since 2000. In the industrial lubricant industry, the diamond's point of our company, we have joined new areas of expertise with specificity in the lubrication of motorcycles and in the construction sector with the detachers .

In the field of competitions Soldà V. SpA with its brand WLADOIL is distinguished by the production and marketing of petrol and special additives, and the supply for many years of these petrol directly on the race fields as the sole partner of the Italian Rally Championship.

We are currently projecting towards the future with the creation of specific products for low-impact lubrication. A new challenge to face, new achievements, continuous search for the best quality: the flagship of WLADOIL.