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Kosmic Kart

Kosmic Kart is part of the OTK Kart Group, an Italian company leader in the karting sector. It was founded in 1996 and immediately became a prominent force in the international karting scene. In addition to the performance of its products, Kosmic Karts cannot be missed on the track, thanks to the blue colour of their chassis' embellished with a fuchsia accent, a colour that still stands out today on the livery of the kart made in OTK.

Kosmic has competition in its DNA. In fact, the challenging stage of international karting competitions has always been in place, confronting the best competitors in the sector. The Kosmic history is literally studded with prestigious results, including the most coveted milestone - the CIK-FIA World Championship victory in the single-brand queen class in 2015.

Kosmic products have always benefited from the high production standards of the OTK Kart Group, which concentrates the design and manufacture of all its products and components ins its plants in Prevalle (near Brescia, Italy), so as to have the maximum control over the entire design and production chain - the only way to guarantee the best product and the best performance to every user of Kosmic Kart all over the world.

In Australia Kosmic is a force on the track, taking many victories in State and National Championships in a wide range of Junior and Senior racing classes. Remo Racing is the exclusive importer of the Kosmic brand in Australia, and it is distributed by DPE Kart Technology, providing the widest dealer network and best after-sales service possible.

For enquiries regarding Kosmic Kart, or for your nearest Kosmic dealer, please contact our distributors DPE Kart Technology on (03) 8558 4000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mercury S

This is the latest version of our top-range model. The Mercury S, available in the single speed version and with the gearbox, is even lighter with better handling. The Mercury S presents several enhancements on the frame made of molybdenum chrome tubes of Ø 30mm, thus placing it always, and only, at the top.

The Mercury S is the direct descendant of a model that from its introduction has won a huge number of victories in the last seven years. Three Asia Pacific titles, a World Cup in KF3 and two World Championships. This is the formidable roll of honour that inherits the new top model of the Kosmic Kart range. This is why our technicians have been enthusiastic and could produce the Mercury S, a model that provides even more performance than its predecessor. The overall work done on the floor plate, sprocket hub, steering column support, bumper connection and brake caliper (new for the single speed model) has resulted in a frame of extremely light weight. The project approach has not changed, with top quality and more and more sophisticated materials used, so the Mercury S is more and more perfect and ready to take on the legacy of its predecessor.

Lynx S

The Lynx S follows the tradition of the winning Mercury S. The main difference lies in the size of the tubes used in the frame. The Lynx S has molybdenum chrome 32mm steel tubes, against 30mm diameter of the Mercury S. The evolution of the S Lynx faithfully follows the path followed by the other top range model, with the introduction of several advanced components (the new floor plate, the sprocket hub with two screws, the steering column support, the front bumper connection) that contribute to a further reduction of the frame weight. The single-speed model also comes a new brake caliper, specifically designed for this category.

The KZ version of the Lynx S gets all the enhancements of the single-speed models, despite having a technical package specific for KZ class. Among the key innovations is the frame specially designed that together with the next-generation brake system, the BSS, makes this version superior for the KZ class. The BSS braking system features a machined one-piece brake caliper which includes 4 22mm pistons with stroke recovery.


Nordix features a frame with 28mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel with 1010 mm wheelbase, suitable for drivers from 12 to 14 years old. It is available in the Basic version with OTK components in machined aluminium and axle of 40mm or 30mm. It features with eccentric washers which allow the adjustment of the camber and caster and with front bar to allow adjustment of the rigidity of the frame. It is supplied without footrest and equipped with OTK BSM brake system, 3 spoke steering wheel covered with alcantara, 3lt fuel tank, OTK M4 bodyworks complete with stickers and rear chromium-plated bumper.


The Rocky is OTK’s best evolution, as a small-scale version of upper class competition karts. The Rocky is designed to best fit the size and needs of children between the ages of 7 and 9 years old. This kart is technologically advanced and designed for high performance, while keeping in mind the maximum driver’s safety.

The Rocky chassis has a 900mm wheelbase and is equipped with quick adjustable pedals and a sliding seat which allows position adjustments according to the driver’s height. Both features make it possible to adapt the kart to the child, as he or she grows, making the Rocky a lasting and comfortable kart while keeping the competitive tradition of OTK.

The kart has 28mm diameter tubes and is supplied with other advanced details such as the hydraulic brake system designed specifically for the Rocky frame and a uniquely shaped brake disc. Furthermore, the Rocky is equipped with aluminium AXPQ wheels, a 30mm diameter hollow axle and an alcantara steering wheel of a specific size. Design is paramount to OTK, which is why the new Rocky is equipped with a rear plastic bumper and bodywork with a dedicated racing sticker kit.


The Neos chassis suited to Cadet categories hits a very ambitious target for OTK: meeting the specific technical requirements of the category and taking advantage of the experience gained through years of victories at the highest levels of international karting.

To create the Neos, the OTK Kart Group started from a completely new project. This choice has offered its own R&D department the chance to develop totally new shapes regarding the design of the frame, compared to those that the Rookie previously offered. All OTK’s experience contributed to the development of this jewel.

The Neos braking system has changed. It's called BSM2 and compared to the previous model has new brake tubes and a new one-piece pump able to offer greater structural rigidity. The brake caliper features two pistons to provide the best feeling under braking, whose aspect is crucial in a category where safety and performance are the two top priorities.