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X30 125cc engine


The ultimate, economical, affordable,
reliable and u
ser-friendly 125cc race engine!
EVERYTHING you want from a 125cc engine!

TaG electric start. All components included.
Australian Kart Champoinship and Worldwide
racing class with annual X30 World Final.

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2018 X30 Alternate Components FAQ's 
Since the release of the homologation update bulletin (78H-4) regarding the new X30 alternate components, we have had many questions from enthusiastic customers asking for further details. Following are the answers to your most frequently asked questions; please refer to the homologation update bulletin 78H-4 for additional information.

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All of the new alternate components are optional and not compulsory. The X30 engine itself is not changing, example; Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft, Crankcases etc; these are the main performance components.

VIDEO - Remo Luciani tested the new IAME X30 componentry, so if you have not seen it already doing its rounds on social media, we have just uploaded the video to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL


X30 Super 175cc &
X30 Super Shifter 175cc

IAME's Latest Creations in
High Powered Engines with the Reliability!

REMO RACING is extremely excited to be able to share IAME's latest creations in high powered engines with the reliability!

IAME have designed the engines with 175cc capacity for massive torque but rev-limited to gain longevity.

The SUPER X30 $5,195.00 and SUPER X30 SHIFTER $8,295.00 are now eligible for Open class competition, and with a massive 43hp on tap for the SUPER X30 which should rock your socks off!

AND if that is not enough and you prefer pulling gears then the SUPER X30 SHIFTER offers almost 50hp!

BOTH of these engines are electric start and come "COMPLETE READY to RACE" with ALL accessories included (carbies, airboxes, exhausts, wiring looms, batteries, radiators, water cooling kit etc;) All accessories are a controlled item for economical racing.

Scott McLaughin and Cameron Waters use the X30 Super Shifter engine to maintain their fitness.

The X30 SUPER SHIFTERS are in stock for immediate delivery and we have the X30 SUPER on the water as we speak and should arrive in Australia early February

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IAME KA100 Reedjet

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KA100 Reedjet 100cc engine

The exciting new engine

The 100cc air cooled Reedjet engine specifically designed for Karting Australia. 
TaG electric start. All components included.
The KA100 is imported and distributed exclusively in Australia

The KA100 engine is also part of the Australian Kart Championship CLICK HERE for the Karting Australia website and go to "AKC" in the menu bar


KA4 Junior (19mm restricted) and KA3 Junior  (unrestricted)
KA4 Senior (19mm restricted) and KA3 Senior (unrestricted)

  • The IAME KA100 is a world class engine manufactured by IAME.

  • The IAME KA100 is a 100cc air cooled Reedjet engine specifically designed for Karting Australia, and is intended to be taken to the world market by IAME.

  • The bottom end of the engine has the robustness of a 125cc engine while the cylinder and head are made to 100cc specification, providing a relatively unstressed and reliable power plant.

  • Engine weight is 22kg including all components and accessories. It is compatible with all chassis', is easy to operate and maintain with long life between rebuilds and freshen-up maintenance.

  • The IAME KA100 engine is able to be used in both Junior and Senior classes at no cost and with minor changes by swapping the exhaust manifolds which are supplied with the engine as standard.

  • The engine power is reduced or increased simply by using or not using an exhaust restrictor.

  • The IAME KA100 Reedjet is cost effective to purchase and race:

  • The maximum recommended retail price of the IAME KA100 Reedjet is $3,150.00 for a complete package

  • No Blueprinting is required

  • Everything that a competitor needs to put the engine on their kart is 'in the box'.

  • There is nothing more to buy (apart from fuel) before you race it for the first time.



 It is not compulsory to purchase the new HW33A carburettor,
as the HL398A will not be fazed out and will continue to be used in the future

Screen Shot 2016 08 19 at 12.24.53 PM


Tillotson Racing is delighted to offer IAME KA100 customers the latest HW-33A carburettor that has now been homologated for use by Karting Australia competitors.

The HW series carburettor produced by Tillotson has become the most prominent over rival brands in top-level CIK FIA events in recent years winning many KF and KFJ Championships. The base design of the HW-33A model designated for the KA100 engine is the extremely successful 24mm venturi KF and OK carburettor.

It was decided to upgrade the carburettor to this latest design to improve the quality of the KA100 engine and improve the parity of the overall package. The performance is improved in both un-restricted and restricted versions whilst more importantly it is very user friendly. The setting of the carburettor is not as sensitive as the original HL-398A, particularly in the restricted specification, assisting with engine consistency.

The HW-33A carburettor is a part of the new KA100 engine packages currently being assessed for introduction in Japan and the USA.

Extensive testing was carried out by the Tillotson factory engineers in Ireland to determine the optimum design and ensure a more user friendly model to the original. This testing was confirmed by IAME in Italy and also in Australia through additional track and dyno testing to ensure the product has been tested in every condition.

All owners of an IAME KA100 engine will be eligible to upgrade to the HW-33A carburettor at the discounted price of $137.00 through an exchange program with Remo Racing until September 1, 2017. (See Exchange Program Details below.)

The HW-33A carburettor will be eligible for all Karting Australia events as from 1 September 2016, EXCEPT for the remaining rounds of the Australian Kart Championship and State Championships. Distribution of the HW-33A will commence on 29 August.

It is important to note that the original HL398A carburettor also remains eligible for use in all Karting Australia competition.

To view the updated homologation document for the IAME KA100 engine please CLICK HERE.

Price: $137.00 (incl. gst) plus postage and handling where applicable
Period: August 29, 2016 – September 1, 2017

  • Applies to one HW-33A carburettor per KA100 engine (as determined by the KA100 engine number).
  • The original complete Tillotson HL398A carburettor (including the airbox adaptor) supplied with the KA100 engine must be returned to Remo Racing Pty Ltd to be eligible for the exchange pricing.If the owner wishes to also retain the carburettor originally supplied with the KA100 engine (the HL398A) they will be able to do so at an additional cost of $50.00.
  • The returned carburettor will become the property of Remo Racing Pty Ltd.

    Screen Shot 2016 08 19 at 12.25.05 PM