ECONOMICAL, AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE... all the things you want from a Kart engine

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A great man’s dream, to allow any enthusiast to compete in Motorsport, became a reality with the birth of IAME in 1968. Paving a star-studded path with over 50 World Titles and manufacturing over six thousand engines a year, IAME is the world leader in Karting engines. After attaining nearly 50 years of history, 55 employees, over 30 models of engines from 60cc to 175cc and a worldwide network, IAME is undoubtedly the most renowned and trusted brand in its field. Motorsports’ most famous drivers began their careers in Karting, and IAME is the brand that led them to success. IAME is dynamic and flexible, offering modern products and superb service.
X30 125cc TaG

X30 125cc TaG

Economical, Affordable and Reliable... all the things you want from a 125cc Kart engine

Engine is supplied fully complete (AUD) $3,695.00 RRP

IAME high quality standards guarantee the Drivers with the zeroing of any performance difference among the engines and with the absolute certainty of competing on the track on equal terms with all opponents.

The X30 engine comes complete with the following...

• Selettra electronic ignition and H.T coil with integrated battery charging system
• Green CDI unit Rev-limited to 15,800 rpm

• Wiring Harness Assembly
•Electronic Relay

• Starter key assembly with 2 keys

• NGK BR9EG sparkplug and PVL cap

• Centrifugal clutch group with Z10 detachable sprocket

• Tillotson HW27A Carburettor Ø 27mm
• Single piece tuned exhaust pipe

• Exhaust Manifold (Choice of open or restricted Ø 22mm)
• Springs for Exhaust

• Electric starter motor

• 12V - 7.2 A/h Battery

• Battery support with Velcro strap and clamps
• Engine anti-vibration
• Radiator 410x230mm

• Radiator mounting kit

• Complete water hose kit

• Complete thermostat 50°

• IAME “Socorem” type airbox (square shape)

• Water pump group and pulley (40 or 50mm)*
• Water pump mounting bracket and clamp (28, 30, 32mm)*

* Note: These dimensions may change according to the type of chassis on which the engine is installed, please advise when ordering


X30 Super 175cc

X30 Super 175cc

Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Engine
175cc Gearbox
Water cooled
Electric Starter
Centrifugal Dry Clutch
Engine is supplied fully complete (AUD) $5,195.00 RRP

X30 Super Shifter 175cc

X30 Super Shifter 175cc

Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Engine
175cc Gearbox
Water cooled
Electric Starter
6 Speed
Engine is supplied fully complete (AUD) $8,295.00 RRP