X30 125cc TaG

X30 125cc TaG

Economical, Affordable and Reliable... all the things you want from a 125cc Kart engine
Engine is supplied fully complete (AUD) $3,495.00 RRP
The X30 engine is available from ALL reputable kart shops in Australia & New Zealand

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The X30 engine comes fully complete with...

  • Selettra electronic ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging.
  • H.T. coil and vibration dampers.
  • NGK BR9EG sparkplug and PVL cap.
  • Centrifugal clutch group with Z11 detachable sprocket.
  • TRYTON HB27 carb. Ø 27 mm.
  • Exhaust Header X30.
  • Exhaust Flex with silicon sheath.
  • Springs for Exhaust Flex.
  • Exhaust silencer Model X30.
  • Electric starting motor incorporated.
  • Starting motor transmission group.
  • Starting motor support.
  • Additional starting motor support.
  • Green CDI unit Rev-limited 15,800 rpm.
  • Wiring Harness Assembly.
  • Electronic Relay.
  • Starter key assembly with 2 keys
  • 12 V - 7.2 A/h battery
  • Battery support
  • Battery support clamps
  • Velcro strap
  • Rubber pads for battery
  • Support engine plate
and also included is the auxiliary equipment...
  • Radiator
  • Radiator mounting kit
  • Complete wáter hose kit
  • Complete thermostat 50°
  • KG Socorem silencer (square type)
  • Water pump group and pulley with '30mm or 50mm' clamps*
    *Note: these dimensions may change according to the type of chassis on which the engine is installed, please advise.

Did you know!
It costs ZERO DOLLARS to move from Junior Performance to Senior 125cc class. All you have to do is just 'remove' the restrictor plate from your X30 engine!

The X30 engine is approved for use in the following classes: 
X30 Light, X30 Heavy, TaG 125, TaG Restricted 125 and Open Performance

About the X30 Class
The X30 is a high performance Class for eligible Senior Competitors to experience increased horsepower with high grip Tyres. This Class is eligible for State Championships and National Championships

The engine must be manufactured by IAME and Australian delivered and imported by Remo Racing Pty Ltd to be eligible for Competition. Remo Racing Pty Ltd has all engine numbers recorded. d) Technical Specifications for these engines form part of these Rules and are available at www.karting.net.au

No Blueprinting Required!
The KA rules and guidelines and World-Wide rules and guidelines for the IAME X30 engine have been set to be Cost Effective to the end user, making the IAME X30 engine a true Out-Of-The-Box racing engine with “no blueprinting required” nor possible due to the design of the major components.

It’s the only engine in KA racing that is a TRUE Out-Of-The-Box engine and is competitive. Testament to this is Australian Champion Cian Fothergill won the Australian Championships with an Out-Of-The-Box engine and drivers continue to win many races using an out-of-the-box engine.

No Updates!
There will Not be constant updates from IAME to upgrade your X30 engine to remain competitive. Testament to this is that the X30 engine was manufactured by IAME in 2004 and has been homologated in Australia since 2009 with NO parts changed or updated since its inception.

Our Promise To You
I have been around karting for over 30 years now and am still an active competitor today so I understand the karters needs, and in my opinion the X30 is the BEST ENGINE that has ever been introduced into the Australian market and WILL deliver all expectation for the end users, our intentions for the FUTURE of this engine is transparent. I put my reputation on it ...REMO LUCIANI

At Remo Racing, we Promised to be Upfront and Honest with both the KA and karters'. The final stamp of approval from the AKA back in 2009 represents the culmination of our promise to you. The exact steps we said we were going to take have been put in place, and importantly were approved by the AKA.

You can purchase an IAME X30 engine with the Total Confidence that the engine has a bright future racing on KA tracks.

Introducing the IAME X30 to Australia has been a huge project for Remo Racing, and we are proud to be able to offer the latest Italian engine technology to the Australian Market.

We have total confidence in the price, performance and reliability of the brilliant IAME X30 engine, and put our total trust in IAME.

The X30 Engine is Unique!
The IAME X30 has a self-charging system which charges up the battery while in use, eliminating the need to constantly recharge the battery.

The X30 does not require the battery power for engine performance, so if in the event that the battery fails you will be able to easily start it with an external-starter and not miss your race, and most importantly not effect the performance of your engine.

What makes the X30 engine stand out from other 125cc engines?
IAME's intention is to provide a class with Low running costs and low noise emissions compared to conventional 100cc racing karts and to eliminate some of the variables within the class.

The intention of this is to reduce the amount of testing and technical expertise required to be competitive, placing the emphasis on 'DRIVER SKILL' and 'CHASSIS-SET-UP'.


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