IAME Parilla Leopard Reedjet Engine

IAME Parilla Leopard 125cc RL TaG Engine

P.N. CP30128UCA4
Still only $2,995.00 AUD (same price since 2001)

Features of the Leopard RL engine include:

  • Electronic Ignition - Digital-key start
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • Tuneable Carburettor
  • Self charging battery (Alternator keeps battery charged whilst in use)
  • Includes everything necessary for the installation on the kart and for an immediate start and go, (complete exhaust, battery, water-cooling system etc;)

Before use always check:

  • The exhaust components (flexible, springs etc;)
  • The engine sprocket wear and alignment
  • The battery charge, the cables and connectors
  • The good grounding of the engine
  • The engine mount and clamps
  • Last but not least remember to always control and oil the chain and sprocket

After use, disconnect the battery, check the chain tension again and externally clean the engine

Every 5 to 10 hours check and clean the starter countershaft, the exhaust, the engine head and the clutch

Every 20 hours check the piston and con-rod assembly, the crankshaft, the ball-bearings and replace worn parts

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